What Laredo is Saying about Downtown

“We need to cultivate and maintain a Laredo culture that is not only inviting for its citizens but also its visitors. Downtown has rich potential for so much more than it has.”

-Margaret Medellin


“I support the MMD as a necessary economic development tool to help with the restoration and realization of Laredo’s historic downtown area. As a property owner in the MMD, I support the assessment as a necessity in order to facilitate that development.”

-Melissa Amici-Haynes


“I grew up going frequently to the old Laredo area. I remember how nice it once was. As an adult, I worked in the area for several years and saw how the area had declined. I think the area needs new life breathed into it.”

-Alan Jackson


“By activating Laredo’s public spaces, economic growth is created, community is fostered, and cultural development is propagated.”

-Samantha Cigarroa


“Our downtown area is horrible.”

-Dara Michelle Neher


“I love Laredo and I believe we deserve this.”

-Antonia Martinez


“I’m signing this petition because Laredo needs to revitalize downtown to a central location for all of Laredo to mingle and remember history. The buildings are beautiful and many hold history that needs to be preserved or restored.

-Andres Cisneros


“I’m signing because I grew up by the downtown area. City administration and elected officials need to do a better job on using downtown’s unique history, architecture, and location as a key tourism attraction and optimal area for well-known businesses and shops.”

-Cesar Cardenas


“Our downtown area has so much history, and it is just crumbling down day by day. We need to develop it now, before it is too late.”

-Teresita Rangel


“I want downtown Laredo to go back to being an attraction for both the citizens of Laredo and people from all over. I don’t want all of the culture found there to be lost.”

-Ruth Cuellar

“Downtown Laredo dies a little more every year and we all keep ignoring it. It has so much potential.”

-Cynthia Ramos


“It’s time we put Laredo on the map with the likes of San Antonio or Austin. With such rich culture, how can this be a miss?”

-Hector Rios


“I am tired of being part of a city with no attractions. It is not fair that every young high schooler wants to go out of town for the college experience instead of staying.”

-Fernando Maciel


“I want a beautiful Laredo where we can bring visitors and enjoy time with family.”

-Sandra Salazar


“I’m signing this because the future of Laredo depends on this petition. Let’s move forward and allow change to occur!”

-Janette Campos


“I’m signing this because we need downtown to come back!”

-Rogelio Garcia


“I want to help my city innovate and flourish.”

-Regina Portillo


“It would be great having the old times back. This is a historic place that needs to be preserved and put out there for everyone to see.”

-Nataly Garcia


“I’m signing because people in Laredo really need a place to bond and spend time with family and friends.”

-Andrea Vazquez


“Give me a reason to want to live in Laredo.”

-Arturo Vela


“Laredo’s downtown is way overdue for an overhaul.”

-Robert Gutierrez


“I believe Laredo’s downtown has great potential to shine like major cities in Texas.”

-Alex Gonzalez